How to Sell My WoW Gold?

If you want to exchange your gold for game time or game key contact our Live Support


We are constantly looking for WoW gold suppliers. For all questions about selling your gold to us, please, contact our supply manager via Skype:



Frequently asked questions:


1. How much do you pay for 1000g?

Price depends on various conditions like your realm, demand and our supply. To check the price you can contact our supply manager via skype.


2. How does the trading process work?

1) Contact our supply manager via Skype.

2) If we need your gold and the price is acceptable for you, our supply manager will tell you whom to trade your gold to and the trading method to use.

3) When the trade is done, our manager will send you the money.


3. Which payment systems do you use?

Our primary payment system is PayPal. But sometimes we can pay via Skrill or Webmoney.


4. Can I exchange my gold for game keys and game time?

Yes we offer this service. You have to tell our supply manager that you want to exchange your gold for keys or game time. And he will tell you the price on your realm. After you trade the gold, our manager will give you the game codes. Contact our Live Support to exchange your gold for game time or a game key.


5. Can I sell my gold instantly without waiting for demand?

No, you have to wait for demand to be able to sell gold to us. However, sometimes we can exchange gold for keys or game time even if there is no demand on your realm.

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